16 Jun, 2024

Patio Cleaning

These pictures show the results that can be achieved using our professional pressure washing services to clean patios, paths and stone and brick walls.


This is a patio job carried out in Northampton using a specialist weed treatment which kills the roots and prevents regrowth between the patio slabs. This was carried out a week bafor the patio was pressure washed with a petrol jet washer.

                              Before                                                            After


The pictures below show a large patio that I cleaned near Daventry around the customers swimming pool.

After cleaning the patio had a new lease of life ready for the customers to enjoy heading into summer.



This is a sandstone patio that I cleaned and sealed in Kettering, Northamptonshire

                       Before                                         After Cleaning                                 After Sealing


This is a patio I cleaned in Rushden, which was 40 years old, the customers didn't know the slabs were different colours and were extremely pleased with the results. I Regrouted the Patio in Grey (other colours are available)

                 Before                                    Machinery used                            After


This is a sandstone patio and pathway that I cleaned and regrouted in Hardwick near Wellingborough.

                         Before                              After Cleaning                        After Regrouted


The Results that we can achieve using weed treatments to kill the roots and prevent regrowth, cleaning, removing loose grout and regrouting in a choice of colours.


This heavily moss covered pathway in the historic town of Naseby, Northants was treated with our specialist moss treatment before power washing with our Pro 2100 petrol Jet washing machine. The customer was very impressed with the results and her comments are on our testimonial page.

                             Dirty and moss covered pathway in need of our service

Totally restored pathway after cleaning and re sanding



These pictures show a brand new slate patio in Brackley, Northants that was covered in grout haze and the specialist equipment needed to achieve the best results.


We managed to fully remove the grout haze, restore, treat and reseal the patio to the customers satisfaction.


                  Before Cleaning

Specialist Equipment Used

After Cleaning



This client in Rushden had two neglected patios that hadn't been touched for over 20 years, the higher area was crazy paving and the lower patio was sandstone slabs, both were covered in weed and lichen. The weeds had grown through the damaged grout which had been cracked over years exposed to the elements.

After discussions with the client as the grout was in such a poor state and most of which would be removed by the cleaning process that the best course of action would be to regrout the entire area.

After cleaning the slabs and crazy paving were already looking much better evev with up to 80% of the grout missing but after it was all regrouted the next day the customer was over the moon with the finished results.



These slabs were not only unsafe due to them being slippy, they had not been cleaned for over 10 years.

Our cleaning made the entrance to the clients home not only safer but much more presentable to visitors to her home in Northampton.



This patio in Burton Latimer, Kettering shows the results that we can achieve using specialist weed treatments to kill the roots and helps to prevent regrowth. The customer is now ready to enjoy her patio this summer.


                                        Before                                                                 After