23 May, 2024

Block Paved Driveways


These pictures show the results that can be achieved using our professional pressure washing services.


          Before Cleaning                          After Cleaning                        Re Sanded

This was a block paved driveway that was very dark and covered in moss with weeds between the blocks, I applied a weed killer and moss treatment 7 days prior to cleaning this driveway in Rushden, Northants off Bedford Road. The driveway was pressure washed and rinsed on the first day as it was the summer the driveway dried quickly and I was able to return the next day and brush in new kiln dried sand to stabilise the blocks and prevent weed growth to provide excellent results.





This Driveway in Higham Ferrers hadn't been cleaned for many years resulting in it being covered in Lichen and dark stains.

After our special treatment for Lichen and a deep clean and pressure wash the driveway now has a new lease of life. I also returned on a dry day and re sanded the blocks to complete the job. The customer was extremely pleased with the results.





The pictures show another driveway cleaning job in Rushden before we started the work and the specialist equipment we used to clean the driveway.

The results that we can acheive saving the customer thousands in replacement costs.





This moss and weed covered driveway in Overstone, near Northampton had not been proffessionally cleaned for over 30 years. The first thing we did was treat the driveway with a commercial strength moss and weed treatment, we then used our industrial pressure washer over 2 days to clean away all the moss, weeds and 30 years worth of dirt build up,

The following photos show that no matter what the condition of your driveway, how much moss or weeds there are we can bring it back to an almost new condition whatever its age.




This propety in Grendon had Lichen and moss all over the block paved driveway.

The following pictures show the results achieved after deep cleaning and resanding.


This driveway in Rushden, Northants had a lot of weeds, so I applied a specialiset weed treatment to kill the roots before removing all weeds, followed by the dririveway being cleaned, resanded and sealed

The pictures below show how much of a difference was achieved.



This is a block paved driveway in Desborough, Northants and as you can see from the pictures we take health and safety seriously. Although not shown in previous photos whilst work is in progress safety cones and signs are used at all times.



This is a block paved driveway I cleaned in Wellingborough, Northants. We applied a special treatment for Lichen and used a power jet washing machine to clean driveway giving great results.

                                   Before                                                                      After



These pictures show a driveway we cleaned in Far Cotton, Northamptonshire. They also show the equipment that we use to achieve this transformation and quality finish. 

                                    Before                                                                     After