21 Jan, 2017

Driveway and Patio Cleaning Services Northants

Professional Pressure Cleaning and Sealing Services

block drive before cleaning block drive after cleaning



We help clean dirt, moss, grime and weeds from hard surfaces, leaving them looking like new!

'Driveway and Patio Cleaning Northants,' part of our 'Homecare Cleaning Services' network, our aim is to offer an all round professional cleaning system for your home and surrounding environment working from Rushden covering all on Northants and surrounding areas.  Please feel free to browse through our site to discover all the services we have to offer and we invite you to visit our sister site at www.carpetcleaners-northampton.co.uk


Installing block paving driveways, patio and other hard surface features is a substantial financial investment in a property, initially the appearance is enhanced, but after some years without proper maintenance it can often become an eyesore.

Our comprehensive refurbishment programme not only restores paving and other hard surfaces to close to their original condition, but can also when combined with the sealing and other surface treatments further enhance their appearance and durability. This Welcome page shows examples providing an introduction to the other pages contained in this web site, which explain the processes employed in some detail and show the benefits that they bring to your paved surfaces.

In the following sequence of examples that are taken from domestic and commercial properties, the benefits of our treatment processes seen in the photograph on the right of each dirty example are clear to see.

Decking Cleaning and Sealing Northants


Decking before and after sensitive clean, we can safely clean decking to look like new. You can safely walk barefoot on the finished deck, after its dry we can treat it to make sure it stays safe and clean for longer

Domestic Block Paving Driveways

Using commercial equipment we can make any hard surface look like new, removing dirt, moss, weeds etc improving its look, safety and value!

Cleaning & Sealing of Domestic Block Paving Patios


The picture on the right shows a block paved patio that apart from being an eyesore also presented a hazard. This 50/50 shot shows the cleaned part where the grime and slippery surface has been removed.

Similarly the sequence which follows for a pathway shows how a similar problem can be resolved. Areas of properties can be liable to the growth of algae, which can produce very slippery surfaces and after cleaning we have a number of treatments which we can apply to reduce the re-growth of algae.

Domestic Paving Slab Path Restored

Slippery path and BBQ area cleaned to not only look great but its safe to walk on again.

Renovating Domestic Tarmac Asphalt Driveways

Tarmac pressure cleaned, filled and treated with Resiblock Resimat product leaving the driveway looking new for years and with a 2 year guarantee.

Resealing Domestic Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways

Cleaning Commercial Outdoor Car Parks

Cleaning and Renovating Commercial Indoor Car Parking areas

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